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Master’s thesis is a research work, after which the student is awarded a master’s degree. It is best to prepare for this type of scientific work for a year and a half before its protection. Then you will have enough time to thoroughly and calmly choose a topic for work, draw up a plan, select the necessary literature, etc.

Theme selection

As a rule, the supervisor proposes to the undergraduate to choose a topic for writing a thesis in the first month of study in the magistracy. In this case, you can go the following four ways:

  1. Analyze a specific aspect of a particular branch of knowledge.
  2. Try to solve a narrowly focused problem.

Write a paper on the subject you were engaged in earlier, but only if you can add something new to it.

The student can choose a topic with his teacher, and also find it on his own. Often, teachers go to meet their students and take quite favorably their options.

Proper justification of the topic

When the topic has already been chosen, the undergraduate, along with his supervisor, begin to discuss the various nuances of future work. As a rule, it all starts with the substantiation of the topic, since it is precisely on its basis that the research goal, its task, relevance, and so on are derived.

In order to properly substantiate a topic, it is necessary to trace its connection with other studies of a similar genre. To do this, the applicant analyzes the information available on the Internet and in libraries on this issue and then makes a rough plan to know which direction to go next.

What are the requirements for writing a master’s thesis?

As a rule, they are as follows:

  • Only a person who has higher education can defend a master’s degree. Separately, it is worth noting that you can study the magistracy in another specialty. That is, the nuclear physicist may well enroll in the philological magistracy and vice versa.
  • It is mandatory for the student to choose a supervisor for himself, the subject of the research, and also discusses with the curator an approximate work plan. After this, the topic of the thesis is approved officially at the department.