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The supervisor may appeal to a student with the request to make abstracts to the course, thesis or dissertation work he has completed.

Drawing up theses is often an integral part of research papers. Theses help to quickly get acquainted with the essence of the study, briefly describe its course and critical points. The volume of theses is 2-3 pages.

The structure of this part includes the following elements:

  • Introduction. In this section, it is necessary to very briefly reflect the main content of the course, thesis or dissertation work. Here it is necessary to emphasize the relevance, significance, degree of study, the purpose and objectives of the project, to identify the problem.
  • Theory. In this part of the student must rely on the basic definitions, without which it is impossible to understand the essence of the study, to understand it.
  • Practice. Here the author will have to describe his experiment. To do this, it is enough to show which events were organized (a clear sequence of actions) and what they led to. It is important to indicate on which methodology the practical part of the research was based.
  • results. This section actually represents the conclusions of the author, to which he came during the implementation of the Experiment. Here is a brief analysis of the results obtained during the ongoing activities. Briefly form the results of the activities of the researcher, you can use a chart or table, chart or graph. Be sure to indicate what results were achieved and under what conditions. If mistakes do exist, then it is necessary to analyze them, take into account the data obtained with the applicable standards.
  • Conclusion. In this part, the author will have to reflect his own point of view, which was formed during the study. The student must give a brief answer whether he has reached the goal, and also answer the question posed in the title of the chosen topic. On this part of the theses several proposals are given. But it should be no more than 3-5. If possible, prospects for further work should be shown.