Washing Wood Fence Through Giraffetools Pressure Washers


Is It Safe To Use Giraffetools Pressure Washers On Wood

Pressure washing is considered the safest to use for washing and cleaning a large number of surfaces. However, there is always something that should be kept in mind while using your giraffetools pressure washer on any type of surface. You have to keep a particular setting for a particular surface that you need to clean through your giraffetools pressure washer. For example, you have to not adjust the same pressure level and oil level for a concrete surface and a wood surface.

First of all, you should clean those areas that are having a high amount of debris stuck over them. You need to clean them with the help of a hard wire brush. The next point is to ensure the coverage of plants so that they are not damaged when you are pressure washing in the surroundings.

According to professionals, you should wash the wood fencing by using a nozzle of 25-degree angles. Actually, the degree determines the amount of pressure that a nozzle can exert. The 25 degrees nozzle lies in the mid and consists of a very moderate pressure amount. It is considered ideal for washing delicate structures. The nozzles of a pressure washer are coded according to their color. Don¡¯t ever try to use a red nozzle otherwise it may result in high destruction.

When washing the wood fences, you have to maintain a particular distance from your targeted surface. It is because standing too close to it may damage it. According to the professionals, you should use cold water to wash your wood fences because hot water can cause the fast aging of your wood fences. One of the most important tips is to never ever try to power wash your wood fences since it uses heat that may result in intense damage to your wood surface.

How To Wash Wood Fence Through Giraffetools Pressure Washers

Washing your wood fence through a giraffetools pressure washer should be done with care. You have to choose a detergent that is specifically made for washing wood fences. Don¡¯t try to use hard detergents as they can cause decolorization of your wood and may also cause damage to them. You have to select a nozzle with a low-pressure setting. Ideally, a 25 degrees nozzle is mostly preferred for performing such tasks.

However, if you feel like it is still exerting pressure that is high enough to damage your wood fences then you can choose a black nozzle. The black nozzle can help you wash off the detergent from the surface more smoothly. Once it is washed, now you can use a 25 degrees nozzle by standing at a proper distance that can help you wash off the surface effectively.

Washing your wood fences through your giraffetools pressure washer is not that complex task. All you need to do is to excel in the skill and follow the instructions given by experts to achieve a healthy and hygienic washing process.


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